The FACIAL CARE KIT serums are designed for the sensitive skin on the face. Instead of a spray bottle, the activator in the FACIAL CARE KIT has a small pump. The Activator is prepared with its own serum viscosity that is designed to spread the serum on the treated area instead of spraying. A very small amount of Activator is needed which is patted gently onto the skin. By the end of five minutes, the activator will gently open the hair follicle four times its normal size.

Part B is the toner. We use a delicate alcohol – SD alcohol 40 instead isopropyl alcohol to avoid irritation since the skin on the face is thinner and more sensitive. This is the serum that kills the hair follicles that were waxed while in the Anagen Phase.


Lip • Chin • Brow • Sideburns • Cheeks • Nose • Ears


Activator A (5ml)
Toner B (5ml)