Hormonal hair growth and Epilfree

Hormones play a role in every person. Whether the hormone shift in transitioning
into puberty, or when carrying a life during pregnancy, or when transitioning into
the pre and menopausal stage of life. Other major hormone shifts can be caused
by certain medical conditions in the body like hirsutism, PCOS, or endometriosis.
How does the shift in hormones affect hair growth you might be wondering? The
female body functions with 2 dominant hormones, namely estrogen and
progesterone. During normal functioning, these two hormones alternate in levels
every month, around ovulation and around the menstrual cycle.

Another hormone that exists in both a woman’s and a man’s body are androgen
hormones. The primary androgen hormone we can relate to is testosterone.
Now of course, as we know males have a whole lot more of the testosterone
hormone, and for this reason, men have thicker, more and darker hair on the
body and face.

For females, when experiencing a shift in hormones during times like puberty,
pregnancy, menopause, or any hormonal medical conditions (endometriosis,
hirsutism, or PCOS) the production of progesterone and estrogen alter or start to
diminish, and testosterone production will increase. In females, this will cause an
increased growth in hairs, specifically over the face, like the upper lip, chin and

These major shifts can sometimes wreak havoc on the body, from newfound
skin conditions like acne, hot sweats, and all of a sudden hairs that start
sprouting in all weird and wonderful places on the body. Most find that these new
found hairs that have made a happy home in random spots have gone from
strays, to permanent features. When consulting with medical professionals who
are overseeing or treating the hormonal condition, most say the same thing-
unfortunately, it’s a side effect, and to make peace with it, because these hairs
are now a permanent feature- BUT, we have a solution!!

The Epilfree treatment is formulated to work on all genders, ages, and all skin
types. Hormonal conditions are no longer an issue when it comes to treating
hairs that grow in the strangest places due to shifts in hormones.
When treating hormonal hair growth, initially, you may be coming in more
frequently for treatments, so we can ensure that we are treating the hair as they
are actively growing.

As the hairs are treated, the timing between treatments will continue to stretch
further and further apart, as they are effectively treated, and you would notice
that the growth will start reducing, and eventually will never return.

We also have designed a great home-care kit that you can use in conjunction
with your professional series of treatments, this way, if you want to remove a
stray hair at home with tweezers, you can ensure that you are still treating it with

It is important to understand the Epilfree journey and have a good understanding
of hair growth cycles and how Epilfree is designed to work when treating
hormonal hair growth.

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