Is it true? An absolutely limitless permanent hair removal solution?

Well yes, it is, plain and simple. And that’s exactly how our formula works. It is
really simple to add to your regular epilation treatments, whether you are waxing,
threading, tweezing, or sugaring. (Sorry shavers, this one doesn’t apply to you-
but hey- an opportunity to ditch the razor!)

You might be wondering how this works. Well let’s give a brief overview (and
keep looking out for additional articles that focus on specific conditions!)
When the root of the hair is removed from the hair follicle, the product is applied
immediately (before these open follicles close) to penetrate into the area. Once it
reaches the bottom of the follicle, it targets the cells that produce/grow the hair
strand and kills them off. This means that they are not able to function to regrow a
hair strand again.

Epilfree can be applied to all skin types, which includes sensitive skin. The
product is completely natural and scientifically formulated. It even works to calm
the skin post-epilation, so if redness and irritation are a problem for you post-epilation, you now have a product that instantly reduces this on the skin.
The Epilfree permanent hair removal treatment does not target or is not attracted
to the melanin in the skin, meaning that it can be applied to any skin colour,
without the risk of discolouration or pigment occurring in the area.
This also means that it can work on any hair colour, so clients with greys/blonds
and red hair are no longer limited in treatment, unlike existing permanent hair
removal solutions available on the market.

Epilfree can also be applied over tattoos, and it will not change, fad or discolour
the tattoo in any way, so your tattooed clients now have options when it comes to
removing their hair, and enhancing the look of the tattoo (let’s face it, we all know
tattoos look better when they are not covered by hair!)
Epilfree can be applied and works on clients of any age or any gender.
If you are wondering if Epilfree will work for you, the answer is YES! As you can
see, we have created a really limitless permanent hair removal solution, which
caters to everyone, so no more excuses for that unwanted hair!

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