Why should you bring Epilfree into your business & the benefits of Epilfree to the professional

Epilfree is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary product on the global market, that
you can offer in your business to add to any of your client’s epilation services.
Our formulation is 100% natural and scientifically formulated.
Epilfree works in the hair follicles to target the cells that produce the hair
strand and kill them, which no longer allows them to regrow another
hair. This is the reason that we can deem this product a permanent
solution to unwanted hair.

The methodology and simplicity of the product make it absolutely limitless.
Epilfree can be applied to any client, no matter the skin type, hair colour, age, or gender of the client.

This allows for the product to be used on all your
clientele, and clients are no longer limited. This is a great booster to your
business, as you are offering something unique that is available to all your

Investing in Epilfree will prove fruitful for your profit margins. By offering the
upgrade of an epilation treatment to an Epilfree treatment, as a salon, you are
able to earn 5 times your initial investment into the product.
Once your client has begun their series of Epilfree, they need to see it
through to the end to enjoy the results, and by offering the service in your
salon, you are guaranteed the client will return to you to continue with their
treatment, which increases your loyal customer base.

Once in the series of treatments, your clients should start seeing visible
results early, and this demonstrates to clients not only the benefits and swift
action of Epilfree, but value for their money, as their results are evident that
the product is working. Not only this but once the client has experienced how
simple the process is and is enjoying the results, they are more than likely
going to add the treatment to other areas of the body.
By creating incentives around the sale of Epilfree to clients, you are also able
to increase sales, commissions, and profits for your business.

There are a variety of reasons and advantages to bringing this one-of-a-kind
product into your business, and the benefits to you as the professional, as
well as to your business are endless. Be sure to reach out to your Epilfree
representative today!

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