The hair growth cycle, and how this affects Epilfree

The treatment and results of Epilfree are largely based on the hair growth cycles.
It is vital as a therapist you understand these, and that you make sure that your
clients understand them too.

There are 3 stages of hair growth, Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. At each stage
of the hair growth cycle, the hair strand is undergoing changes.

For Epilfree to be effective, the hair must be in the Anagen stage of hair growth.
In this stage, the hair is attached to the dermal papillae (the root) and is actively
growing in the follicle. This means the cells at the base of the follicle are living
and duplicating the growth of hair.
If the hair is removed by any form of epilation while it is in the anagen stage,
and the Epilfree treatment is applied, it penetrates into these cells and kills them.
This means they are never able to duplicate again, and therefore will never be
able to grow another strand of hair.

If the hairs are in the Catagen or the Telogen stage, they are no longer living or
growing, as they are detached from the dermal papillae, and the cells are no
longer active or duplicating. This means that the hairs can still be epilated from
the area, however, when the Epilfree product is applied, it will have no effect on
the cells in the follicle.

All hair follicles go through different stages of hair growth at different times, and
there is no way of telling what stage of hair growth the follicle or strand is in.
Epilfree is created as a series of treatments for this reason, as once the client
has had a treatment, and they experience a regrowth of hair, it would indicate
that those follicles were not in the Anagen stage of hair growth when the product
was applied to the area. With continuous treatment, Epilfree will eventually target
all the hairs in the anagen stage of hair growth, and the client will then have the
results they desire.

With the Epilfree treatment, consistency, trust, and finishing out all the treatments
is the key to a successful result!

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